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David beats Goliath

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There are a lot of companies in the USA who will always resist any form of “single payer” healthcare system. Healthcare is big business in America. Most of the money is earned legally (though much unethically) but a huge amount is gained by cooking the books using Medicaid beneficiaries. Continue reading

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Hungry children in USA

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I know that the suffering in the West seldom compares to that in the third world, but this 60 minutes documentary about American children describing how they go to bed hungry touches a raw nerve. Continue reading

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Wolf Blitzer vs Michael Moore

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Here is a sweet clip, with the right wing Wolf Blitzer trying to outwit Michael Moore and failing miserably. Seems the recent vote to allow the poor and sick in America to have healthcare has brought out the worst in conservatives like Blitzer.
Update: Longer clip here and worth watching.

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Support for Palin

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palinSome people think the support for Sarah Palin in America is superficial. But listen to these intellectual heaviweights and you might change your mind.

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Health hope for Americans

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Screen shot 2009-11-22 at 18.46.12Yesterday the long overdue health reform in the USA came one step closer, with a narrow win in the Senate. It is merely a vote to hold a full debate on the issue, but even this was vehemently opposed by Republicans, influenced heavily by the hugely wealthy health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Continue reading

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Grayson says it like it is

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graysonIn an age where we are all encouraged to watch our words and to please everyone and not to ruffle feathers, here is a refreshing politician from the US (Alan Grayson) who is determined to have his say, however uncomfortable it may be to the opposition and to viewers. Continue reading

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Olive branch from Obama

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white-houseThe Persian new year, or Norooz, is calculated to the nearest second each year. It happened about 1 hour ago, at 12.45pm, London time. To coincide with this, Barack Obama has sent a video message to Iranians, wishing them a happy new year in Persian, or Farsi. Continue reading

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Price of visiting America

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securityI am sitting in my hotel room in Boston, at the end of a short trip to attend a holography gathering at MIT. I did a live webcast and recorded the show, as a small contribution. I met several colleagues whom I had not seen for around 20 years, but the years had not dented our friendship. So a great trip all around. Continue reading

Imprisoning kids for cash

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justiceHere is a hypothetical scenario: Suppose that an Iranian judge were proved to have sent hundreds of innocent children and teenagers to a privately run detention centre, deliberately denying them any legal council in court, and that he only took 1–2 minutes for the legal process for each child. Continue reading

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I love Jesus but I drink a little

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picture-11A hilarious little snippet from the Ellen DeGeneres show. (Thanks to my friend Al for bringing it to my attention.) Continue reading

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