David beats Goliath

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There are a lot of companies in the USA who will always resist any form of “single payer” healthcare system. Healthcare is big business in America. Most of the money is earned legally (though much unethically) but a huge amount is gained by cooking the books using Medicaid beneficiaries. Everyone knows this but looks the other way while billions changed hands. Most victims are, by definition, not in the best position to take on these bloodsuckers, but here is a guy who did, and won.

Richard West is a Vietnam veteran. His parents both served their country and he is continues to serve his country by taking on the worst of the worst from his wheelchair. I take my hat off to this exemplary man. I wonder if I would have had the same energy had I been in his position; I hope so.

The company involved, Maxim Healthcare, were fined $150 million in total. One person went to jail for 5 months but, alas, the company is still in business, and still providing healthcare services to the US Government.

Meanwhile, probably a few blocks down the road a young black kid went to jail for stealing a pizza, and got a criminal record for life. 😉

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