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The blind physicist

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I was proud that the Council of Science Editors (CSE) asked me to host a panel to discuss a rather specialized subject, namely the techniques for typesetting mathematical content, at the upcoming conference in Philadelphia. I was happy to accept the request and you can see details of my panel near the top of this page. Continue reading

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A look at papers published by Frontiers

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This is the second in my series of evaluating open access publishers who have the good sense to make the XML as well as their PDFs of their documents available. To emphasize why I am doing this, I support open access, and I particularly advocate the publication of XML, which is supposed to be the definitive version of an article. Continue reading

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A look at the new journal style at PLOS

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I came across this post by Peter Murray-Rust, who spotted an error in the XML of a PLOS One paper. It might seem like a small point but is actually important. PLOS are one of the few publishers who publish papers in multiple formats, including PDF and XML. This is to be applauded and all publishers should be doing this. Continue reading

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