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Obama’s thanksgiving

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obamaOn the day before thanksgiving Obama and family gave out food to the needy, and make an impromptu appearance at an elementary school. The amateur videos are here. (Audio is very poor.) Continue reading

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Palin with turkeys

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palin_turkeyIf you haven’t seen this interview with Sarah Palin on a turkey farm, it’s worth seeing.

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White house, black slaves

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The White House in Washington DC was partly built by black slaves. I hope Barack Obama pays a tribute to them when he moves in there…

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Good riddance, Palin

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Referring to her critics Sarah Palin says: “It’s mean-spirited, it’s immature, it’s unprofessional, and those guys are jerks.” Even now, it’s frightening that this airhead could have had her well manicured fingers on the nuclear button…

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Black man, White house

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During the last few years travelling to the US has become increasingly unattractive. Let us hope this now changes, and let’s hope Barack can do something about the things that have made the whole world angry with the US. I am now looking forward to resuming my frequent US trips.

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I do like Michelle Obama

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What a first lady she would make. She exudes confidence, beauty and class. More than the former beauty queens (Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain) running against her. Take a look at these recent videos.

Update: Videos have been removed by NBC. 🙁

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