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Another reason to stand up to bullies

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I have always believed we should stand up to bullies in any situation. Now here is scientific proof that it’s good for you to do that!

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The few with courage

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Most of us go through life minding our own business, and not “rocking the boat”. That is the safe way to live. If we come across an injustice, we might complain, but at some point we’ll just leave it and move on and “not get involved”. Continue reading

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The photographer’s photographer

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Don McCullin is one of the greatest photographers of our time, at least in my opinion. He has risked life and limb to bring us images of war which have become iconic of the 20th century and which have made us uncomfortable. Continue reading

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Grayson says it like it is

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graysonIn an age where we are all encouraged to watch our words and to please everyone and not to ruffle feathers, here is a refreshing politician from the US (Alan Grayson) who is determined to have his say, however uncomfortable it may be to the opposition and to viewers. Continue reading

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