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David beats Goliath

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There are a lot of companies in the USA who will always resist any form of “single payer” healthcare system. Healthcare is big business in America. Most of the money is earned legally (though much unethically) but a huge amount is gained by cooking the books using Medicaid beneficiaries. Continue reading

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How (and why) I closed down a spammer’s web site

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I was going to leave this to rest quietly, but the people involved (Mr Nataraj Sasid and Mr Vimal Raj) have accused me publicly (on LinkedIn) of hacking into their site. Not wanting to wash my dirty clothes in public, I decided to write a post here in case people are interested in the details. Continue reading

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Hungry children in USA

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I know that the suffering in the West seldom compares to that in the third world, but this 60 minutes documentary about American children describing how they go to bed hungry touches a raw nerve. Continue reading

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Caught drunk and driving in Iran

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I came back from a one week trip to Iran yesterday. It was generally an uneventful trip, quietly dealing with family and personal matters. But the last night I spent there made up for the quiet time!! Continue reading

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Income gap

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Whoever we vote for, however much politicians bamboozle us with numbers and economic plans, one rule is sacrosanct: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, in the USA, in UK, and in the third world. So get used to it…

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Another reason to stand up to bullies

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I have always believed we should stand up to bullies in any situation. Now here is scientific proof that it’s good for you to do that!

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The few with courage

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Most of us go through life minding our own business, and not “rocking the boat”. That is the safe way to live. If we come across an injustice, we might complain, but at some point we’ll just leave it and move on and “not get involved”. Continue reading

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Chicken and fruit

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blindI am normally not too sentimental when reading about the news. Like most others I have been desensitized by the constant images of suffering I have seen. But this picture hit a raw nerve somewhere in me. It is a picture of Hussein, one of the many children and infants we (the adults of this world) have injured or blinded in Iraq. Continue reading

Imprisoning kids for cash

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justiceHere is a hypothetical scenario: Suppose that an Iranian judge were proved to have sent hundreds of innocent children and teenagers to a privately run detention centre, deliberately denying them any legal council in court, and that he only took 1–2 minutes for the legal process for each child. Continue reading

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