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Why I am British and Iranian, but not “Persian”

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I was born in Iran and moved to UK with my parents at the age of 11. For some reason I never saw myself as British, and was staunchly proud of my Iranian identity, but London was home and most friends were British. Continue reading

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Caught drunk and driving in Iran

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I came back from a one week trip to Iran yesterday. It was generally an uneventful trip, quietly dealing with family and personal matters. But the last night I spent there made up for the quiet time!! Continue reading

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Black tie to celebrate Persian new year?

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Some 70 years ago, Reza Shah — the father of the last Shah of Iran — inspired by reforms of Kamal Ataturk in Turkey, decided to modernize and westernize Iran. Much of what he did was commendable, e.g. founding of universities. Continue reading

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Another inspiring Iranian woman

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In a male-dominated society, here is an example of the quiet but powerful women of Iran. Sara Khoshjamal-Fekri the first Iranian woman athlete to qualify for the Olympics, choosing that very gentle, feminine sport, Taekwondo!! Continue reading

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Elham keeps her word

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ElhamIf you have been following the progress of Elham, daughter of Bibi Zahra, I am excited to say that she kept her promise of studying hard and has scored a high mark in the national entrance exams. Continue reading

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Iran’s day of reckoning

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iran-flag1It is a week since I returned to UK from Iran. While I was flying back the demostrations started. Everyone is waiting to see what happens today. Whatever happens, we all hope it does not involve bloodshed. But feelings are high, and frustrations intense. Continue reading

Driving with crutches

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crutchesI am visiting my dad in Mashhad, in Iran. The presidential election campaigns here are at their peak, ahead of voting on Friday. These include several live TV debates. Last night my friend Hamed Zaghaghi (a talented programmer, and one of the few free software advocates in Iran) asked if I wanted to go to one of the rallies for Karroubi, and to watch the debate on a makeshift, large-screen TV. Continue reading

Return to Bibi Zahra

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moFollowing my promise after my first visit, a few weeks ago I returned with my cousin Mohammad and family, to see Bibi Zahra, the woman I found so much admiration for. Good news is that Elham is spending most of her time in the nearby village of Torgabeh, in the library, and takes sandwiches with her to maximize her study time. We hope to see her in a university in a few months. Continue reading

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Olive branch from Obama

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white-houseThe Persian new year, or Norooz, is calculated to the nearest second each year. It happened about 1 hour ago, at 12.45pm, London time. To coincide with this, Barack Obama has sent a video message to Iranians, wishing them a happy new year in Persian, or Farsi. Continue reading

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Security or vanity?

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The nouveux riches in Iran are engaged in a depressing competition to build the grandest and the most unusual residences with little regards, I feel, for practicalities. Continue reading

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