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The photographer’s photographer

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Don McCullin is one of the greatest photographers of our time, at least in my opinion. He has risked life and limb to bring us images of war which have become iconic of the 20th century and which have made us uncomfortable. Continue reading

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Colour retrieved from black and white film

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dads-armyHere is one of those moments where I said to myself: “I wish I had thought of that”.

Several episodes of the classic British comedy series “Dad’s Army” were thought to have been lost, due to the original videotape being wiped for re-use, some 40 years back. Continue reading

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BBC, why the shaky camera?

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Last night was my first night at home after several trips. I love watching documentaries on British TV. I started watching a program on Channel 4 on the bank bailout business. The content was good, but it was spoilt by the silly fashion of using a handheld camera, and moving it around with no reason, and focusing in and out too. After a while I realised there is a Panorama documentary on BBC1. I switched over, and you guessed it: same childish moving, rotating, and defocusing of the camera.

I wish the producers, directors and cameramen would all grow up and use their brains (and a tripod) instead of simply following fashion, good or bad.

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