Which is more important: Open source or open standards?

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I have been an advocate of open source software most of my working life. The benefits are well known, namely: Continue reading

Why this blog is called “Uncle Kaveh”

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[This post was prompted by a short discussion on the (very specialised) TeX4ht mailing list where mathematician William Hammond referred to a video on his home page that my company had recorded. I noticed the link was broken and commented. Continue reading

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Formatting references – time to stop reverse engineering?

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I have been in the business of book and journal composition for over 25 years. A lot has changed, but a lot hasn’t. In general, the production process, from authoring to publication has a lot of inefficiencies. Continue reading

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A tribute to Hermann Zapf

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I have just heard the sad news that Hermann Zapf, one of the greatest type designers, passed away today. If the name “Zapf” rings a bell, that is because he designed Zapf Chancery, Zapf Dingbats, and the beautifully flowing Zapfino with the myriad typographic variations. Continue reading

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Illustrations at the SSP conference

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Graphic recorder Greg Gersch was busy illustrating the SSP conference while listening to the talks. These were huge posters, and I photographed them at quite high resolution in case no one else was doing that. so here they are. Just click on each picture and click again to enlarge. Continue reading

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A type nerd goes to MOMA

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I love typography, and I have been to several international conferences on the subject. The problem is that now I find it concentrate on the content of a piece of text, but look at the type instead, whether it is good or bad! Two days ago I had lunch with a friend who has a senior post at MOMA. Continue reading

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The blind physicist

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I was proud that the Council of Science Editors (CSE) asked me to host a panel to discuss a rather specialized subject, namely the techniques for typesetting mathematical content, at the upcoming conference in Philadelphia. I was happy to accept the request and you can see details of my panel near the top of this page. Continue reading

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A look at papers published by Frontiers

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This is the second in my series of evaluating open access publishers who have the good sense to make the XML as well as their PDFs of their documents available. To emphasize why I am doing this, I support open access, and I particularly advocate the publication of XML, which is supposed to be the definitive version of an article. Continue reading

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Why this site might go down any moment!

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Hi folks. It’s a long story, but to cut it short, several domains that have always been used exclusively by me are now under the control of a former colleague Continue reading

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A look at the new journal style at PLOS

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I came across this post by Peter Murray-Rust, who spotted an error in the XML of a PLOS One paper. It might seem like a small point but is actually important. PLOS are one of the few publishers who publish papers in multiple formats, including PDF and XML. This is to be applauded and all publishers should be doing this. Continue reading

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