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Someone get this guy off the tellie

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The Americans TV companies thought they hit the jackpot with The Apprentice, with the obnoxious Donald Trump scaring the wits out of contestants. Surely no one more vile could be found to compete with him. Wrong. In Britain the BBC managed to find the thoroughly unattractive “Lord” Sugar, and we have our own Apprentice series. Take that, USA! Continue reading

Income gap

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Whoever we vote for, however much politicians bamboozle us with numbers and economic plans, one rule is sacrosanct: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, in the USA, in UK, and in the third world. So get used to it…

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Manipulating markets

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cramerI don’t understand stock markets, nor the strange numbers associated with them. But I understand enough to know that a bunch of glorified gamblers have been stealing the world’s money for years, and brought misery to honest citizens. Here is evidence of how these buffoons in suits (this particular one called Jim Cramer) have been “manipulating the markets” all these years.

Let’s borrow again?

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dollarsWhen we were kids, our parents told us not to spend more money than we need to, to save for a rainy day, etc. In particular, borrowing money was always a bad thing. Being in debt was frowned on. But in the last few years, those in the know, government, banks, and economists, have been encouraging the opposite: spend more and if you don’t have the money, then borrow so you can spend. Continue reading

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Bill Gates — help me like this guy

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I have been searching for something to like about this man, but it ain’t easy.

It can’t be the 10th rate, bug-ridden, unsecure software he has unleashed on the world…

Nor can it be the billions he has collected from people including poor third world citizens who have to use Windoze (some of which money he is now handing back as charity, with no sense of irony)…

His looks perhaps? Clearly not…

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