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Olive branch from Obama

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white-houseThe Persian new year, or Norooz, is calculated to the nearest second each year. It happened about 1 hour ago, at 12.45pm, London time. To coincide with this, Barack Obama has sent a video message to Iranians, wishing them a happy new year in Persian, or Farsi. Continue reading

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I am in Mashhad in Iran for a week, staying with my dad. I am increasing disliking the city life in Iran. My cousin, Mohammad, suggested we go out of town near Torghabeh, where his friend Mehdi has an ancestral land and garden. Mehdi made a traditional “abgoosht” (meat soup), on a wood burner. It was a welcome change from the city. Continue reading

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Persian “windcatcher” in California

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The desert city of Yazd in Iran is famous for the “badgir” or windcatcher. It is a simple chimney that protrudes from the top of buildings and, with no moving parts, magically transforms the gentle warm desert breeze into a cool draught in the rooms below. I am glad this has now made its way to the west by an Iranian.

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New book on Iran

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Hooman Majd is a childhood friend of mine. His book on Iran, The Ayatollah Begs to Differ, has just been published. I have not seen it, but knowing Hooman and seeing previous writings, I think this will be a great read for those wanting a better understanding of the complexities in Iranian culture. Continue reading

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