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David beats Goliath

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There are a lot of companies in the USA who will always resist any form of “single payer” healthcare system. Healthcare is big business in America. Most of the money is earned legally (though much unethically) but a huge amount is gained by cooking the books using Medicaid beneficiaries. Continue reading

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Kava yoga

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Following an exchange on FaceBook regarding yoga, a friend suggested I start my own version, called “Kava yoga”. Here are the rules. Please read carefully before attending my classes. Continue reading

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Wolf Blitzer vs Michael Moore

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Here is a sweet clip, with the right wing Wolf Blitzer trying to outwit Michael Moore and failing miserably. Seems the recent vote to allow the poor and sick in America to have healthcare has brought out the worst in conservatives like Blitzer.
Update: Longer clip here and worth watching.

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Health hope for Americans

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Screen shot 2009-11-22 at 18.46.12Yesterday the long overdue health reform in the USA came one step closer, with a narrow win in the Senate. It is merely a vote to hold a full debate on the issue, but even this was vehemently opposed by Republicans, influenced heavily by the hugely wealthy health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Continue reading

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Too fat to fly

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air-india2-12It’s been a while since I posted here. I’ve been travelling and busy, but a few things have been in my mind which I hope to offload here soon.

A few weeks ago, Air India sacked 10 air hostesses for being over the weight limit for the height and age. They were given time to reduce their weight by some 3kg, but failed to do so. Continue reading