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The curse of the computer mouse

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I am old enough to remember the first modern personal computers, in particular the Apple Lisa (precursor to the Macintosh), which was the first to have a “mouse”. This was a magical device and I remember lining up at computer shows to play with it. It is hard to imagine now, but previous to that, even with the Apple personal computers, like the Apple II, the only method of interaction was the keyboard. So we had to press specific keys to open a file, edit it, save it, etc. Continue reading

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Looking good for open software

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linuxFast on the heals of the US government taking a good look at using free, open software in place of proprietary software, the UK government has followed suit. This is great news. Let’s hope this sets a trend and gives a big shock to software vendors who have been fleecing the citizen, and reducing their freedom at the same time!

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Bright side of the economic squeeze

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gnuI read that companies are looking at free, open software, with the current financial problems. Perhaps this is a silver lining of the economic cloud. Continue reading

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Computer virus in hospitals

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The computer systems in 3 hospitals were shut down for 24 hours because of a virus attack. I am not sure whether to laugh or to cry — laugh, at the half-wits who have decided to use Windows for sensitive data of our National Health Service; cry, for the poor patients who no doubt suffered.

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