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Journal of Brief Ideas

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I came across this site via a twitter feed. It's simple. You need to log in with ORCID, so there is no ambiguity about who you are, and you can then publish an idea in less than 200 words, and tag it so that it is searchable in future. The "publication" is assigned a DOI straight away. It is extremely minimalist and has very few features as it stands, but I can't help thinking this is the way science should be reported. Advantages I see:

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Ironic unsolicited mail from Indian supplier

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Got an unsolicited mail from this gentleman (you need to be a member of LinkedIn to see it), who expressed sympathy for the legal notice served upon me recently, then suggested a venture tie-up with my company. When I enquired why his affiliation is given as “Confidential at Confidential”, he said: Continue reading

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Life is better when you are an optimist…

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I started my business in the UK, some 20 years back. By 1996 we had around 15 people (in Devon). This is when I started hearing the first murmurs about clients sending work to India. The word “oursourcing” had not come into usage. It was very early days. I took the decision (possibly the most important decision in my life) to get on a plane and see what is going on there, as it would certainly affect us. Continue reading

10 years at River Valley…

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A colleague asked at a conference some time ago about our staff retention problems. Apparently other companies have problems keeping staff, losing up to 20% annually. Well, last year we had a ceremony to honour those who had been with us 10 years or more. Continue reading

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My real excitement about iPad

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I can’t wait to get my hands on the Apple iPad. There are a lot of exciting things about it, as you can see from the TV ad. But for me, three or four frames from that ad are the most exciting. I have extracted the relevant frames below: Continue reading

Amazing capability coming in PhotoShop

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Our company is based around free software, so we are not fans of Adobe, who have become money-grabbers like M***Soft, but your jaw will drop at the capability they have built into the next version of PhotoShop. “Content-aware” fill makes up parts of the image that were never there. If you can’t wait for your jaw to drop, forward to around 2:40 on video. Continue reading

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At last – freedom from the UK power plug

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An ingenious idea to free us all from the ugly, bulky, UK standard power plug. Hooray…..

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Riding helmet with “skin”

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I am not a biker, but if I were, I would be interested in this innovation. An artificial “skin” on the helmet delays by microseconds the sudden rotation of the head when the helmet hits a hard surface, thus reducing impact injury. Obvious in hindsight…

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Hexacopter – the ultimate kids’ toy

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Here is a great flying machine. The video is a bit long, but the first few minutes will give you the idea. Continue reading

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Robot solves Rubik’s cube in 12 seconds

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This is great to watch: Continue reading