Why this site might go down any moment!

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Hi folks. It’s a long story, but to cut it short, several domains that have always been used exclusively by me are now under the control of a former colleague who, let’s say, doesn’t quite see things eye to eye with me! The web page you are on is one of those domains.
You can see the site owner here. I have asked the domains to be transferred to me, but without success. To make matters worse, this former colleague seems to get a kind of perverse pleasure out of bringing the sites down at critical times. The last one he pulled down was holographer.org, which is a site I put up more than 10 years ago, to provide information and education free of charge to the 3D holography community. This is what it looked like in February, just after I announced the deadline for paper submissions for the next major holography conference:

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 10.21.24

and this is what it looks like now!! (The site was one of the most popular for holography enthusiasts.)

I have a feeling that uncle-kaveh.com is next to drop, so if it does happen, please do not be surprised! Fortunately there is only one Uncle Kaveh, and Google will find him for you. 😉

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3 comments on “Why this site might go down any moment!

  1. Call on for a cup of hot coffee… with your former colleague. I used to follow holographer.org since its launch, and I hope a cup of coffee may bring it back, with a lot more along.
  2. Pity. As you’v ran the sites for so many years. If the decision can’t be changed, you can build up a blog. I think many visitors would like transfer to your blog to go on the reading. Anyway, thank you for the devotion to the sites.
  3. Hi Lince. Sorry about the delayed response…

    Holographer.org was very popular, and among non-holographers too, as your post indicates. Thanks for looking.

    I wish a cup of hot coffee could solve the problem. It is way past negotiation I am afraid. Anyone who knows the former colleague as well as I do will understand. 😉

    Hello “Inhibitors”. I will set up a new site some time, but a bit busy at the moment. On my list, and of course thanks to Google, searching “holographer” should find us.

    It doesn’t stop here. There is also “River Valley TV” which the former colleague took immense pleasure in pulling down, denying viewers from 2000 freely available educational videos. Happy to say we are back online at Zeeba.tv and more popular than ever. 🙂