Another reason to stand up to bullies

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I have always believed we should stand up to bullies in any situation. Now here is scientific proof that it’s good for you to do that!

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3 comments on “Another reason to stand up to bullies

  1. it is very sad that the dailymail cites articles which are not available to the public (although probably funded by the public), merely their abstracts are.

    so how can i check what the study is really saying? have you read the study? can you say what’s in it?

    here’s a link to the abstract:

    (btw. i’m only guessing that this is the article “cited” by the dailymail, because the dailymail article does not bother about proper citing.)

    (so in conclusion, i also dont understand why you cite the dailymail, which does not even cite the study title?)

  2. imagine a world where everyone would check their sources before repeating their supposed messages.
  3. Well, “so”, you are right that most research these days is not open access. For example Nature which has a lot of fundamental research has to be paid for. So what can Daily Mail do, but to cite the reference anyway. I would be happy if everything was open access.

    But I hope you agree on the main point that it is good to stand up to bullies.

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