Chicken and fruit

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blindI am normally not too sentimental when reading about the news. Like most others I have been desensitized by the constant images of suffering I have seen. But this picture hit a raw nerve somewhere in me. It is a picture of Hussein, one of the many children and infants we (the adults of this world) have injured or blinded in Iraq. When interviewed he said he wanted to grow up to be a doctor “so that I can have a lot of money and buy chicken and fruit any time I want”. Well, I guess that will never happen now, but he still clings to the hope. And his idea of utopia is the ability to buy as much chicken and fruit as he wants.

Sometimes I think that we adults do not deserve to be running this world. Would it not be better if the human race were to become extinct and we left it to the animals? Or at least let us adults disappear and leave it to the children. I think it would be a better place.

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  1. He is amidst the crowd having blind visions to survive and progress in life. To be appreciated for his vision of earning more to buy chicken and fruits anytime he wants. Hmmm… I guess chicken and fruits seem to be variables as he grows.
  2. Rajesh, I think Indian English is more flowery and at a higher level than “English” English. Thanks for your comment, but I can’t quite understand it. 😉