A legal notice against me from an Indian advocate

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My exchanges with Indian suppliers is landing me in deep water! Some time ago I had some email exchanges with Mr P. Shivalkar, who runs Johannes Press. I noticed the testimonials looked a bit strange. They were rather generic in nature, not referring to publishing at all, and the names and affiliations did not appear on Google searches. I asked for more details on these names, but Mr Shivalkar claimed they were confidential! Soon after he mysteriously removed the testimonial tab entirely from the site. A few days later I received a legal notice from someone claiming to be his advocate.

After reading the notice, I am changing my ways and I hereby undertake to abide by the following:

  • To try and be proud of my own company rather than to criticize other Indian companies.
  • To try not to create menace among Indian professionals.
  • To endeavour to refrain from causing disharmony or feelings of enmity or hatred or ill-will between Indians and other countries, which might affect national integration.
  • To endeavour to be humbled by knowledge, and not to compare a full moon to a papadum, and to divest myself of arrogance and to embrace love alone.
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One comment on “A legal notice against me from an Indian advocate

  1. Wow, that legal notice is almost poetic. Nice irony in that it’s almost unreadable too!