Journal of Brief Ideas

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I came across this site via a twitter feed. It's simple. You need to log in with ORCID, so there is no ambiguity about who you are, and you can then publish an idea in less than 200 words, and tag it so that it is searchable in future. The "publication" is assigned a DOI straight away. It is extremely minimalist and has very few features as it stands, but I can't help thinking this is the way science should be reported. Advantages I see:

  • As soon as you have an idea or a discovery, you publish it
  • You can't be scooped on it
  • You have to write succinctly and choose words carefully, so the text will be more readable
  • You get an instant DOI
  • Science moves at the speed it should
  • Peers can rate up, so community votes

I couldn't resist publishing a small idea. Perhaps we should rethink the idea of the "journal" as the primary method of communicating science, and think of publishing brief ideas…


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