My real excitement about iPad

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I can’t wait to get my hands on the Apple iPad. There are a lot of exciting things about it, as you can see from the TV ad. But for me, three or four frames from that ad are the most exciting. I have extracted the relevant frames below:

This shows “Pages”, Apple’s word processor, on the iPad. For me, the excitement is freedom from the mouse. Look at how the picture is dragged directly into the page and the words move out of the way. This is a big deal. I can see almost any application being ported to the iPad with this direct control. Very exciting. Can’t wait!!

2 comments on “My real excitement about iPad

  1. Have you continued working on your port of TeX to the iPhone? Having that on the iPad would be much better than a nice version of Pages.
  2. We are certainly working towards an ePub reader on iPad that will use TeX as the rendering engine. But it is not full interactive TeX of course. It is just using tex to show an ePub file.

    But would be great to have tex, and I think TeXshop would look great on iPad.