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Someone get this guy off the tellie

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The Americans TV companies thought they hit the jackpot with The Apprentice, with the obnoxious Donald Trump scaring the wits out of contestants. Surely no one more vile could be found to compete with him. Wrong. In Britain the BBC managed to find the thoroughly unattractive “Lord” Sugar, and we have our own Apprentice series. Take that, USA! Continue reading

Kava yoga

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Following an exchange on FaceBook regarding yoga, a friend suggested I start my own version, called “Kava yoga”. Here are the rules. Please read carefully before attending my classes. Continue reading

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Hungry children in USA

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I know that the suffering in the West seldom compares to that in the third world, but this 60 minutes documentary about American children describing how they go to bed hungry touches a raw nerve. Continue reading

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Caught drunk and driving in Iran

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I came back from a one week trip to Iran yesterday. It was generally an uneventful trip, quietly dealing with family and personal matters. But the last night I spent there made up for the quiet time!! Continue reading

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Income gap

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Whoever we vote for, however much politicians bamboozle us with numbers and economic plans, one rule is sacrosanct: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, in the USA, in UK, and in the third world. So get used to it…

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Another reason to stand up to bullies

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I have always believed we should stand up to bullies in any situation. Now here is scientific proof that it’s good for you to do that!

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Illiteracy amongst Indian professionals

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A few years ago, I could pick up the phone, ask for the production manager of a publishing company, and tell them about the services we offer in India. I would have a cordial chat which might not come to anything. But now there is no chance of me getting through. Continue reading

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The madness of political correctness

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Assuming we can rely on this story from the Daily Mail, this poor man, Roy Amor, worked in a factory making prosthetics for the National Health Service. One day, spotting some immigration officials outside the office, he joked to a black colleague in the office that he had better hide. Continue reading

The few with courage

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Most of us go through life minding our own business, and not “rocking the boat”. That is the safe way to live. If we come across an injustice, we might complain, but at some point we’ll just leave it and move on and “not get involved”. Continue reading

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Wolf Blitzer vs Michael Moore

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Here is a sweet clip, with the right wing Wolf Blitzer trying to outwit Michael Moore and failing miserably. Seems the recent vote to allow the poor and sick in America to have healthcare has brought out the worst in conservatives like Blitzer.
Update: Longer clip here and worth watching.

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