The madness of political correctness

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Assuming we can rely on this story from the Daily Mail, this poor man, Roy Amor, worked in a factory making prosthetics for the National Health Service. One day,¬†spotting some immigration officials outside the office, he joked to a black colleague in the office that he had better hide. The colleague (who was a friend too) wasn’t offended, but another politically correct ¬†activist heard the comment and made an official complaint. As a result Roy was suspended, and not long after he committed suicide. The black friend who was the butt end of the joke is devastated.

I hope this is a good lesson for the keen do-gooders who think by being politically correct we can reduce racism and prejudice. This is nonsense. A blind man knows he is blind, and calling him “visually challenged” doesn’t make him see better.

For your information I make a point of making fun of the skin color of my friends and colleagues. And I laugh when my Western friends call me a terrorist just because I was born in Iran!

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  1. Kaveh terrorises us with his sense of humour.