Too fat to fly

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air-india2-12It’s been a while since I posted here. I’ve been travelling and busy, but a few things have been in my mind which I hope to offload here soon.

A few weeks ago, Air India sacked 10 air hostesses for being over the weight limit for the height and age. They were given time to reduce their weight by some 3kg, but failed to do so. The politically correct lobby are no doubt up in arms about this but I favour the action for the following reasons, in order of importance:

  1. Obesity is a major problem in India. Diabetes is a fast growing problem in India, as well as heart disease. Both can be related to obesity, so people have to be encouraged to eat healthily and to keep fit.
  2. In an emergency, an overweight stewardess would be less able to help passengers than a fit one.
  3. It is easier to negotiate one’s way past a slim stewardess in the isle than a paunchy one.
  4. When serving meals and drinks, podgy stewardesses are more likely to cause a “total eclipse” of the TV than cute, slim ones.
  5. The slim variety will cost less in fuel to fly around the world, so would be less of a burden on the environment.

I have seen a steady increase in average weight of our staff in India, and I am worried about their long term health. Unfortunately many will not see this until it is too late. All we can do is to provide sports facilities and healthy food in our new office and to alert them to problems lying ahead.

3 comments on “Too fat to fly

  1. 6. Slim stewardesses look better in short skirts and are a welcome
    distraction when the movie is bad and/or the flight is very long.

    And please get rid of all the old ones too. On a recent BA flight, I
    was most distressed at the wrinkly ones.

  2. I am appalled by the sexism and ageism in this response. But certainly
    if they are really old they should be retired humanely …
  3. 1.Obesity is not only a major problem in India, but also a major problem in the world. We know we should keep fit, but we just can’t protect us form desire of food.
    2.I was wondering what this “overweight stewardess” looks like, I mean, Does she meet the requirment?