Responsible fishing

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fishing2I do like my smoked salmon. One package that caught my eye was this “responsibly sourced” variety.Can’t go wrong with that, I thought, and bought it. Thinking about it later, the clear implication was that the rest of the packets contained irresponsibly caught fish, or else why would only this one be marked thus? Funny old world…


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  1. Kaveh,
    To be brief: A large percentage of fish is caught irresponsibly and there are huge debates about the overfishing that has depleted the oceans and fished down the food chain resulting in the fact that there is more fish in your platter from aquaculture than from the oceans. The present certification for responsibly cultured varieties of fish is also questionable as a big part of it is a commercial gimmic. Shrimp and salmon farming have destroyed livelihoods of traditional coastal populations in the southern world, they have destroyed sensitive mangrove ecosystems and are now also poisoning the offshores with the high tech cage salmon culture.