How many pillows do I need?

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pillowI dislike large, impersonal, corporate hotels. Unfortunately I am almost forced to stay in them when attending conferences. It is much easier to stay at the conference hotel, as I can go back to my room at any time to rest or get something. I would much rather stay at a smaller, more friendly, family run place. I asked for the smallest single room, but I got two large beds, and a total of 12 pillows (and 13 towels of different sizes). I guess all these will be washed after I have left. So much for concern about global warming!


3 comments on “How many pillows do I need?

  1. I think the ownenr of this hotel may be an Indian. Here we book one double room and stay 5 or 6 people in night by paying little additional amount per head. In that case, we need these much of pillows 🙂
  2. I don’t think he is Indian, and I think he is very happy that you and your friends are a safe distance away. 😉

  3. I think this is common in upper class lifestyle. No country-let it be developed, developing or poor-is not very much different in this. The contribution in Global Warming by the upper class is very much large when compared to the other classes of the society. In India, I think, the upper middle also perform in such a way. But the contribution to Global Warming is mostly from Developed countries like USA. And this hotel too will be most probably in a developed country, else a country likes to be said as a developed country.