Do children have a right to food?

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A recent resolution at the United Nations was passed almost unanimously:

By a vote of 180 in favour to 1 against (United States) and no abstentions, the Committee also approved a resolution on the right to food, by which the Assembly would “consider it intolerable” that more than 6 million children still died every year from hunger-related illness before their fifth birthday, and that the number of undernourished people had grown to about 923 million worldwide, at the same time that the planet could produce enough food to feed 12 billion people, or twice the world’s present population. (See Annex III.)

So the USA representative alone thought it is indeed tolerable that these children die from hunger before they are five.

Is it any wonder that the Iraqi “shoe bomber” has become a hero throughout the third world?

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One comment on “Do children have a right to food?

  1. Yes it is indeed tolerable that a lot of children die today from hunger. Thousands of people die every hour around the world. It is now the time to care for these people. I’m glad they approved this resolution.