Goodbye, man with white stick…

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white stickThe last few times I have gone through Euston Square tube station in London, I noticed an announcement stating it was the correct stop for “Royal National Institute of Blind People”. I always knew RNIB as “Royal National Institute for the Blind”, so I checked in Wikipedia. It turns out that it was indeed that, but in 2002 it was changed to “Royal National Institute of the Blind” and then in 2007 to “Royal National Institute of Blind People“. In addition, the cute and recognizable logo of the man with the stick had been removed in 2007. This was to signify RNIB’s association with partially sighted people, not just blind.

I can see the latter point, although I still think the man with white stick could have stayed. But I certainly cannot understand changing “the Blind” to “Blind People”. I think another silly example of political correctness, diluting a short, simple sentence to a needlessly woolly one.

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