10 years at River Valley…

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A colleague asked at a conference some time ago about our staff retention problems. Apparently other companies have problems keeping staff, losing up to 20% annually. Well, last year we had a ceremony to honour those who had been with us 10 years or more. We did a head count and worked out that out of a total of 32 staff 10 years before, 26 were still with us. So I can confidently say we do not have a staff retention problem. 🙂

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  1. What in your opinion keeps them with you? Also, is it the same story with old timers and the new gen? Is there an attitude change in the staff that has joined recently?
  2. We have two things in our favour:

    Trivandrum is not a big IT hub, so not many companies to poach them. In addition our workflow is so different they would not be useful to others. For instance we don’t use Windows so they would have to learn that first!

    But on top of that I think they are truly happy to be in an environment without imposed hierarchy. They know their job and they need to make sure they do it. I think people are genuinely happy, but you need to ask them that. 😉

  3. Yeah…you are right. So, setting up base in Trivandrum… was it a strategic decision that you foresaw the benefits of, right at the start or it just happened to fall in place along the way. And of course….the Linux platform…what an URP (unique retention point) that is! Hats off.

    As for the third point, I have no doubt that it is not a hollow claim….the bit about imposed hierarchy. I think I’ve read enough to know that its what you practice in spirit. So…wish you more success. 🙂

  4. Having bragging rights of belonging to a team producing a quality product is also a bonus.