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River Valley annual day

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dsc01183_2We have uploaded pictures and audio from River Valley’s annual day celebrations on 24 December. This was a chance for colleagues from our three offices to meet informally. Most talks and songs are in Malayalam, but at least you can look at some pictures!!

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Progress in our new office

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A couple of days ago we visited the site of our new office with our architects. Progress is good, and we are still on course for a February handover. I am really excited. Continue reading

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Visit to staff houses

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Sundays in Trivandrum are when I like to drop into the houses of our staff. Life here is simpler than in the west, and Sundays are usually spent at home with family and relatives who usually live nearby. I don’t like to give too much notice of my arrival, firstly so that they do not go to the trouble of preparing something special (according to local hospitality) and secondly because I am keen to see everyday life of our staff. Shan is my usual partner in crime, helping me find the houses, not always an easy task even when you have the address.

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Shalini’s wedding

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Yesterday we were invited to the marriage of Shalini, a staff member at River Valley. The ceremony is very brief, and can easily be missed by the guests, which numbered around 1000, typical in Kerala weddings. The huge costs of this brief gathering is on the shoulders of the bride’s family!

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More progress on office

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Yesterday we visited the site of our new office in Trivandrum again. Here are some more photos: Continue reading

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Progress on our new office

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The building work for the our new offices are going well. We are due to move in 1st quarter of 2009, and I cannot wait! The project has been designed and is managed by our good friends, Inspiration. Continue reading

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