Progress on new office

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picture-22Here are the latest photos. Lots of work is being done in parallel. Latest estimate is to move in in April.

We have a walking/exercise path around the complex. Here is a speeded up version of the parts that are nearing completion. (I couldn’t resist the accompanying music, courtesy of the late, great, Benny Hill!)

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3 comments on “Progress on new office

  1. It’s looking great……what a complex! I am impressed. Enjoyed
    walking with you with that great music. It doesn’t look as though it
    will be finished by March!

    Your Blog site is getting more and more sophisticated.

  2. I skimmed through the Jan pictures. It’s superb, it’s traditional, and

    I wish the FII / RVT team all good luck for the year 2009, including
    the brand new office.


  3. Kaveh,

    Excellent work on the new site. I am extremely happy with the new
    developments at Focal image family. I wish you and all my former
    friends, colleagues and the company a wonderful year ahead.

    kind regards